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January 26, 2022
Houston, TX (Marriott Energy Corridor)

Attendees Include:

Over the last twelve months, the oil and gas industry has been under immense pressure to cut costs, manage demand volatility and increase competitiveness through real-time information-based, decision-making.

Edge computing is widely recognized as a critical tool in bridging the information gap, particularly in remote or offshore locations with unreliable internet connections.

With the fast growth of IoT devices in the energy industry, operators and service companies need a flexible infrastructure to manage their data, leverage insights and achieve predictive maintenance. Failure to do so results in inefficiencies that erode productivity, increase safety risks, and drive up costs.

Edge Computing in Oil and Gas (January 26th, 2022, Houston) will once again bring together energy operators, service companies, telecommunications, analysts and edge and IoT solution providers to discuss the latest advances and innovations at the Edge.

This conference, in its fourth year, will look at developments in Edge technologies, products and processes shaping the future of the oil and gas industry. It will also explore the role of edge analytics in lowering cost, driving productivity and managing equipment during upstream, midstream, and downstream oil and gas processing.

Who will attend?

Upstream E&P Operators, Midstream Companies, Petrochemical, Refinery and Processing Plants in addition to EPC and Oilfield Service Companies with the following job titles: 

  • Chief Information Officer, Chief Technology Officer 
  • Digitalization Lead
  • Head of IT, Digital Strategy
  • Head of Emerging Technology 
  • Chief Architect, Head of Data Analytics 
  • Automation Lead
  • Consultancy and training firms 
  • Drilling companies 
  • IT software, hardware and solution providers 
  • Cloud and network services

Topics to be covered will include:

  • How has Covid accelerated Edge tech investment for the oil and gas industry?
  • An overview of Edge technologies that drive real-time responsiveness through diagnostics and maintenance at source
  • Applications of Edge in drill rig maintenance, pipeline monitoring, well maintenance, inspections, and workforce management
  • The role of data in generating actionable insight across products and portfolios
  • The nuts and bolts of applying edge for asset-intensive remote operations
  • How to integrate and enhance the connectivity of legacy equipment through Edge
  • Intelligent edge processing to save time, boost response time, reduce data storage and lower transmission costs

What our attendees said about the 2021 event

"I loved the diversity of the topics and speakers. The perspective from the audience and real talk about the challenges that confront the industry as a whole is what the different companies bring to the table. This platform, Edge (formerly Emerging) Computing Technologies in Oil & Gas conference, enables the key players, the operators and solutions providers to come together and address challenges." Director, Digital Transformation – NALCO Champion

"I have been invited to several Energy Conference Network conferences now and they are the only conferences that have taken me out of our home country. The quality and attention to their choice in speakers is obvious - not just taking who pays the most, but giving space to key technologies and the new leaders in the industry." - Steve Aitken, Intelligent Plant

"Great conference, well-coordinated with excellent speakers and participation." - Hani Elshahawi, Shell

"Thanks for addressing the journey of Edge Computing and the future hybrid of IIOT." Maxine Aitkenhead, Data Gumbo